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Beijing Acting Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Introduction of the Acting
Beijing Acting Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd is a China-Based pharmaceutical and medical technology service company. We provide full range of assisting service relating to pharmaceutical development, including drug agent, governmental affairs, new drug research and development as well as consulting service.
Beijing Acting Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is currently acting as the exclusive sales and marketing agent for the following products: anti-tumor drugs, antibiotic, haemostatic, cerebral cerebrovascular drugs and so on.
Besides, we offer governmental affairs consulting service which covers the national high-tech item application, the guidance of applying for medical insurance list and OTC status transition.
Moreover, the new drug consulting service provided by Acting involves the guidance of applying for new drugs and medical devices, declaring imported drug.
With our outstanding management team, extensive distribution network, eminence sale experience and professional knowledge, favorable cooperation, healthy thinking, we have successfully accomplished various projects and won the respect in curatorial domain.

Medicine Sales and Promotion Agent
As one of the outrunners in Chinese drug agent business, the company offers professional sales service. Especially, in the prescription drug domain, we take the spirits of "special variety, pivotal hospitals, particular administrative offices, expert diplomates" as the development strategy. In line with mutually complement and win-win development principle, we have built close and extensive strategic partnership with pharmaceutical companies from home and abroad during years of cooperation. As a result, we have accumulated abundant experience in packing, positioning and promoting prescription drug in its seedtime and growing period.

The Pharmacist's Alliance Online
Pharmacist's alliance online (www.13813.com) was established jointly by the national industry administration association of Ministry of Public Health, Beijing Acting pharmaceutical Development Ltd. and Beijing Wisdom Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
It manages the business website engaged in information service relating to medical products and agents. At the present stage, its primary characteristic project is providing information gathering service and marketing analysis to agents. The Pharmacist's Alliance Online (www.13813.com) has seven shareholders, furthermore, it possesses the hugest online-database collected since 2,000, includes more than 60,000 active regional agents, more than 100,000 pieces of information which concerning medical enterprises, investment opportunities, products promotion and trade.

Sino Drug Agents Federation
Sino Drug Agents Federation (abbreviated as pharmacist's alliance SDAF) is relied on Pharmacist's Alliance Online as the carrier. It was established by the national industry administration association of Ministry of Public Health in March 2004.
By setting up secretary-general branches and provincial agents located all over the country plus building up the special agents network, SDAF helps agents to seek good products and assists producers to find appropriate agents.
The purpose of founding SDAF is to standardize behavior of agents, to make the way of seeking products more unobstructed for agents, to form a more convenient exchange platform between agents, to offer producers a channel of high-efficiency and low-cost business trade, to create strategic alliance between agents and producers, to structure a favorable exchange platform between enterprises and regional agents.

Basic principle of SDAF:
Information exchanging, friend-making, common development, win-win

Competitive Advantages of Anting
Specialized talent
Healthy attitude
Financial resource
Efficient and pragmatic team
Perfect operation system
Effective communication
High reputation
Differentiated products
Omni-directional(all-around) social resources
Remarkable comprehension in policy
Extensive distribution network

Corporate Thoughts of Anting
Result orientation
Enjoy working
Three diligent and one steady
Common development
Respect traditional virtues

Corporate Philosophy of Anting
Healthy thinking
Simplify the problem
Acting-Style of Anting
Do simple things repeatedly: Treat each simple thing.
Sincerely, Openly, Win-win, Effectively

Positioning of Anting
Advanced in prescription medicine sale agent.
Four-Specialized Trader popularizes prescription medicine terminal stations in Beijing (key hospitals, specialized product, special means, special service)
Outstanding figure in online-trading and medical software
Favorable strategic partner to medical enterprises.

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